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Commonwealth Bank of Australia has released its annual results for the year….

Среда, Август 31st, 2011

From LinkedIn Group News

“Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) has released its annual results for the year ended 30th June 2011. So far, the results of the core modernisation project, for which costs passed the AU$1 billion mark last year, include the migration of all retail transaction and savings accounts to the new platform, SAP for Banking, and the preparation for migrating lending and business banking accounts. This migration is scheduled to start in H2 2011 and to last through 2012. In its latest letter to shareholders, issued in April, the bank described the project progress as ‘excellent’. ‘All retail customer information, term deposit, savings and transaction accounts now operate on the new SAP platform,’ it said. ‘This represents in excess of ten million customer accounts, which makes it the largest banking migration in Australian history.’ CBA has continuously referred to this core transformation initiative as its ‘largest single investment’. It started in 2008, with an anticipated cost of AU$580 million. However, subsequent extension of the SAP for Banking coverage to CBA’s subsidiaries, ASB Bank and Bankwest, enterprise-wide branch rejuvenation, rising expenses on software maintenance and development, and the lack of skilled resources contributed to doubling the initial estimate and extending the project timeframes by nearly a year. Earlier this year, the bank announced the project would require another AU$370 million. The bank’s half-year results for H2 2010 revealed that AU$311 million was poured into the core transformation venture in the course of 2010, which equated to 30 per cent of CBA’s total investment spend that year. The SAP for Banking related work at ASB and Bankwest will take place in 2013. The recently unveiled figures for Bankwest show a total of AU$93 million already spent on IT integration since the bank’s acquisition by CBA in 2008. By comparison, the restructuring at Bankwest has amounted to AU$18 million and property integration cost AU$41 million. Other integration-related expenses (including operations) have come to AU$94 million, adding up to nearly a quarter of a billion of AU dollars spent on Bankwest integration overall. The latest figures released by ASB include AU$56 million of IT expenses for nine months ending 31st March 2011 (AU$52 million for the same period a year before). The bank also went through a management change: Charles Pink resigned as managing director in November 2010, less than two years into the job. Ian Park, ASB’s chief executive of retail banking, temporarily took over. In April 2011, Barbara Chapman, ex-senior executive at ASB and CBA’s group executive for HR and group services, was appointed MD and CEO of ASB. In 2013, CBA plans to fully retire its legacy systems, which include CSC’s Hogan platform. This was announced by CEO of CBA, Ralph Norris, at a recent analyst presentation. Norris will not see the project through as he is leaving CBA later this year. His successor is Ian Narev, who is currently the group executive of business and private banking, having joined the CBA group in 2007 from McKinsey & Co. He will take over as CEO in December.”


Беларусбанк выбирает фронт-офис для SAP for Banking

Среда, Август 24th, 2011

ОАО «АСБ Беларусбанк» проводит конкурс по закупке работ (услуг) по созданию и внедрению программного обеспечения фронт-офисного решения для централизованной АБС на основе решений SAP for Banking

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ЕБРР купил у BNP Paribas 15% акций Укрсиббанка

Четверг, Август 11th, 2011

К началу июля 2011 года BNP Paribas S.A (Франция) владел 99,9995% уставного капитала банка.

Сегодня, 11 августа, входящий в группу крупнейших Укрсиббанк сообщил, что Европейский банк реконструкции и развития (ЕБРР) купил у банка BNP Paribas (Франция) 15% акций украинского банка.В результате сделки размер пакета BNP Paribas уменьшился до 84,99%.

Была информация в конце 2010 года, что Европейский банк реконструкции и развития может войти в состав акционеров УкрСиббанка. Тогда заявлялось, что вхождение в капитал банка будет осуществлено в ходе дополнительной эмиссии акций.

Напомним, что Укрсиббанк внедрил полную функциональность системы SAP for Banking еще в 2004 г.

SAP опять порадовал

Четверг, Август 4th, 2011

Отчет RAIMEWMS. Текст: “Пушномолочная свинья-несушка (тест)”